Sunday, 10 February 2013


these are 3 things that i would like most at the minute from topshop (i also want about a million other things from there). absolutely loving them at the minute, can't even go in because i just want to spend spend spend. a pinafore is on the top of my wishlist at the minute, i am desporado!

hoping to be blogging a little bit more again!!

Saturday, 8 December 2012


sorry i am really lacking with my blogging at the minute, i have a report in for uni and it is taking over my whole life! i just cant seem to do it at all :(

i'll be back next week to tell you about dying my hair and a new american apparel dress i've brought!

hope everyone is getting all excited in the run up to christmas, i can't wait!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

british fashion awards

keep dreaming that one day i'll actually be attending the british fashion awards on day, dreaming being the key word in this sentence.
 i have been looking at all the pictures from last night and how amazing did everyone look, and i think the right people won the right awards - cara delevingne deffo deserved to win model of the year, she has been my favourite ever since she started modeling for ASOS. 

this little post is just to show you a couple favourite looks of the night. 

L - R: Alexa Chung, Andrea Riseborough, Cara Delevinge, Laura Bailey.
my particular favourite is laura baileys outfit, i love the girlyness of the dress but she some how makes it look edgy - i want to find a dress like this.

also alexa chungs boots - oh my god.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

asos do it again

ASOS are currently giving 25% student discount again, it seems they can't get enough of doing it these days and since setting up my UNIdays i can take full advantage (well i would if i wasnt so poor at the minute). last time they did this i brought this cropped roll neck, i am a little bit obsessed with roll necks ever since i brought one from American Apparel and this is like my 4th or 5th. it fits so so nice and matches everything and at just £12 (£9 with 25% discount) it is a steal. 

ASOS 90's Rollneck Crop Top

I thought i'd do show you what items i would buy using the discount this month, basically toture myself looking at things i cant buy - as usual! 

hipst3r tun3z

last night i went with my boyfriend to a gig to do DIIV (pronounced dive), i hadnt really listened to them before, more of a brief listen to see what i was letting myself into. i was pleasantly surprised as it was a really fun gig and the support acts were also REALLY good - they were Tops and Mac Demarco, it was nice to go to see a band and the support acts are like at the same sort of level as the headliner. so yeah, over all it was well good - although as you can probably guess from the title of this post, it was deffo the hippest night of my life, someone in DIIV was wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms with white socks and loafers - but they were still good ha!

 the gig happened at deaf institute, which is one of my favourite venues in manchester, last night was the first time i had been to a gig there which was lovely. but i would deffo recommend it for a night out, it's so nicely decorated in there (what a girly thing to say). we tend to go on tuesday when its Gold Teeth, but you have to get there early because its gets soooo busy! i hear other nights are good to but i am yet to try them out, i'll keep you updated! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

a recent buy

i keep meaning to do a post about things i have brought recently, as i am constantly spending. doing a post would probably freak me out in the money stakes to be quite honest as i've definitely spent more that i should have - story of my life!

for now i'm just going to show a little piccy of some shoes i recently brought from Office, as they are probably my favourite item that i have recently brought (well those and my coat). I am going to do a couple of outfit posts hopefully this week if i can get some pictures on here and then i will talk about my coat which is like my little baby, sad but so so true.

these are 'easy going' shoes from office which you can find here. i've wanted some dr marten shoes for so so long but i really cant afford the hefty £90 price tag that comes with them. so when i saw these shoes in office i thought i probably needed them. they were £55 which is more than i'd usually pay but i used student discount which reduced the price by £5.50 and i used my birthday money as i knew i needed some winter shoes and i thought that these would be a great alternative to boots (although now i've seen some boots that i also want, whoops).

they are really comfy shoes but i will worn that they do rub at first but i think thats due to them being quite stiff when first brought, which i think it expected with real leather shoes. i've found myself wearing them with literally everything, they match so so much.

i'd deffo recommend them, especially if you wanted the dr marten shoes and cant afford them, like me!